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Contributing to Processing for Android

Processing for Android is two separate things: a programming mode for the Processing Development Environment that allows you to run Processing sketches on Android devices, and the Android version of the Processing core library. The mode uses the core library under the hood so you can write Processing code, but the core library can also be used separately as a regular Java package to include in Android projects developed with Android Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, or any other IDE that supports Android development.

This wiki is concerned with the development of the Processing for Android project, either the mode itself or the core library. For detailed information (installation guide, tutorials, etc.), on how to use the Android mode to write your own sketches, please refer to the official site.

Building Processing for Android: How to build the mode and the core library

Core library structure: How the core library is organized

Android mode structure: How the Android mode is organized

Life cycle of a Processing sketch: How a Processing sketch is run by the Android system

Creating translations: How to contribute translations of the website and mode

Copyright and Licensing: Copyright and licensing information

Old wiki: Contents of the old wiki page (prior to 13 June 2016)