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1.0.beta5 ->
- add a DTD for the configuration file
- HTTP: fix partial header parsing (
- HTTP: fix chunk parsing when the chunk-size is split across two packets
- add dynamic request substitution (mickael.remond@erlang-fr)
- check for bad input (config file, <client> name)
1.0.beta4 -> 1.0.beta5: Major Feature enhancements (25 Mar 2004)
- add SNMP monitoring (not yet customizable)
- fix remote start: log filename is now encoded to avoid bad
parsing of log_file by 'erl'
Patches from :
- Added ~/.idx-tsunami creation in idx-tsunami script if the directory
does not already exist
- Extension of XML attribute entity normalisation
- HTTP: fix Cookie support: Cookie are not necessarily separated by "; "
- HTTP: fix long POST request in the recorder: dorecord message
was missing enclosing curly brackets, and the body length counter
were mistakenly taking the header size in its total
- HTTP: Content-type support in the recorder (needed to handle
non-HTML form encoded posts)
- add autoconf support to detect Erlang installation path
- SOAP Support: IDX-Tsunami can now record and replay SOAP HTTP
scenario. The SOAPAction HTTP header is now recorded
- Preliminary Windows support: A workaround has been introduced in
the code to handle behaviour difference between Erlang Un*x and
Erlang Windows on how the command-line is handled. When an
assumtion is made on the string type of a parameter, it should be
check that this is actually a string and not an atom.
1.0.beta3 -> 1.0.beta4: Minor bugfixes (16 Mar 2004)
- fix lost cookie when transfer-encoding:chunked is used
- fix config parsing (the last request of the last page of a
sesssion was not marked as endpage)
- don't crash anymore on error during start or stop
1.0.beta2 -> 1.0.beta3: Minor feature enhancements (24 Feb 2004)
- fix stupid bug in start script for recorder
- HTTP: fix '&' writes in the XML recorder for 'content' attribute
- HTTP: enhanced Cookies parsing ('domain' and 'path' implemented).
- ssl_ciphers can be customized
- change log directory structure: all log files in one directory per test
- add HTML reports (requires the perl Template toolkit)
- change stats names: page_resptime -> page, response_time -> request
1.0.beta1 -> 1.0.beta2: Minor feature enhancements (11 Feb 2004)
- reorganise the sources
- add tools to build a debian package
- fix documentations
- add minimalistic man page
- syntax change: GETIMS +date replace by GET +'if_modified_since'
0.2.1 -> 1.0.beta1: Major Feature Enhancements (3 Feb 2004)
- rewrite the configuration engine. Now use an XML file.
- add recording application: use as a HTTP proxy to record session into XML
- add support to OS monitoring (cpu, memory, network). Currently, use an
erlang agent on the remote nodes; SNMP is on the TODO list.
- can now use several IPs per client host
- several arrival phases can be set with different arrival rates and
- can set test duration instead of number of users
- add user defined statistics using a 'transaction' tag
- HTTP: fix cookies and POST handling (
- HTTP: rewrite the parser (faster and cleaner)
- fix bad timeout computation when close occur for persistent client
- bugfixes and other enhancements.
- fix memory leak with ssl (half-closed connections)
0.2.0 -> 0.2.1: Minor bugfixes and small enhancements (9 Dec 2003)
- optimize session memory consumption: use an ets table to store session setup
- HTTP: fix crash when content-length is not set in headers
- HTTP: fix POST method
- HTTP: preliminary chunked-encoding support in HTTP/1.1
- HTTP: Absolute URL are handled (server and port can be overridden )
- no more .hosts.erlang required
- add stats on simultaneous users
0.1.1 -> 0.2.0: Major Feature Enhancements (Aug 2003)
- add 'realtime' stats
- add new 'parse' type of protocol
- add reconnection support (persistent client)
- add basic HTTP and HTTPS support
- split the application in two parts: a single controller (tsunami_controller),
and the clients (tsunami)
- switch to R9C
0.1.0 -> 0.1.1: Bugfix realease (Aug 2002)
- fix config file
- fix few typos in docs
- fix init script
- few optimizations in user_server.erl
- switch to R8B
0.1.0: Initial release (May 2001)
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