Javascript performance friendly element resize detection.
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Performance friendly element resize detection.

This library is heavily based on:


I quote:

During your coding adventures, you may have run into occasions where you wanted to know when an element in your document changed dimensions – basically the window resize event, but on regular elements. Element size changes can occur for many reasons: modifications to CSS width, height, padding, as a response to changes to a parent element’s size, and many more.

There's no native resize event on elements in most browsers (except for IE which provides onresize to DOM nodes). resizeSensor.js allows you to simply attach resize listeners to elements. This enables you to:

  • Create resize-proof web components.
  • Implement per-element responsive design.
  • Implement size-based loading of content.
  • ... And anything else you can imagine.

Check out elementQueries.js if you're looking for cross-browser element queries.

Browser support

ResizeSensors are used in production (and maintained) by Procurios. It's tested on Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and IE7+. Internet Explorer uses the native available onresize event on elements.


<!-- Synchronous -->
<script src='dist/resizeSensor.min.js'></script>

<!-- Asynchronous -->
        function (resizeSensor) {
            resizeSensor.create(element, callback);

Please note that resizeSensor.js hooks into the AMD loading process if its available. It will register as a named module, so make sure your loader supports resolving and loading named modules. You might have to configure your loader.