Product Hunt APIs

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The official Product Hunt API


The Product Hunt API is an "as simple as possible" RESTful API. We embed objects if they contextually make sense to be sent together.

You will find examples of requests and responses in the API Docs.

Use case:

Just about anything! It's ideal for deep integrations into Product Hunt's platform. While we can promise to support this API even after the Hackathon, Partner integrations might disappear at any time without warning.

We only officially support this official API

Please understand that we cannot make promises the short or long-term reliability of third party APIs. We added their own support links to all of them.


Alternate APIs

Algolia Search API


You might have seen our awesome realtime search on This is done w/

Together with them we decided to release a special API Key to request the same DB directly from your tool.

Use these API Keys:

SEARCH-ONLY API KEY: 9670d2d619b9d07859448d7628eea5f3
INDEX NAME: Post_production

Sample call:


X-Algolia-API-Key : 9670d2d619b9d07859448d7628eea5f3
X-Algolia-Application-Id : 0H4SMABBSG


  • Blazing fast search for users, posts, taglines
  • eg in an extension, app or anywhere you come up with


If you want to simply search for existing product submission of a specific url i would recommend you to use the official API . eg via /v1/posts?search[url]=

This is a better way to find reliably the correct post submission for an url.


Pusher's Realtime API


Our friends at Pusher build an awesome Product Hunt channel you can subscribe to using their SDKs. You can then bind to new events - eg new posts - and then simply interact with them.


To show new content automatically in your frontend (eg an extension or a widget). Btw technically they still pull new updates from our site every few minutes. So it's not real-realtime but at least you don't have to worry about polling or sending information to the browser.


Zapier's API Triggers


Zapier offers an awesome trigger for product hunt. We use it to drive our awesome slack integration


  • Post to twitter/slack/facebook/blog when a new posts get submitted.
  • Start a cronjob when new post gets submitted
  • Create a new ticket in your startup-lead-gen CRM of your investor


FYI: No write access via the APIs

Please understand that no API will provide write access for applications unless they are whitelisted. Please do not expect this whitelisting to happen during the time of the Hackathon. Please adjust your product ideas accordingly if needed.

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