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Hi and welcome to my Kodi repo. This is the home of various add-ons.

If you want to download my repo, click here: https://github.com/prof-membrane/repository.membrane/raw/master/repository.membrane.zip
If you want to submit a bug report or a feature request, click here: https://github.com/prof-membrane/repository.membrane/wiki/How-to-submit-bugs-and-feature-requests


Hallo und Willkommen zu meinem Kodi Repo. Hier gibt es die neusten Versionen meiner Add-ons.

Wenn ihr mein Repo herunterladen wollt, klickt hier: https://github.com/prof-membrane/repository.membrane/raw/master/repository.membrane.zip
Ihr habt einen Verbesserungsvorschlag oder einen Bug gefunden: https://github.com/prof-membrane/repository.membrane/wiki/Wie-Bugs-und-Featurerequests-zu-%C3%BCbermitteln-sind

For developers

The add-ons in my Kodi repo might be newer than the versions hosted here. Message me if you want to fork/patch an add-on and I will upload the newest version.