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This repo contains scripts to configure JMRI on a Raspberry PI for use in the computer control of layouts.

To get the code, log onto your R-PI, start a terminal if you do not have one already and run the following commands:

sudo apt-get install git
git clone
cd JMR-Pi
sudo ./

This will:

  • Install Git
  • Checkout this repository
  • Change to the checked-out code
  • Run the installation script
  • Create a dedicated JMRI user
  • Start a remote desktop server
  • Launch JMRI

The password for the JMRI user (should you need to connect to the R-Pi and run commands on its behalf!) is "trains".

The message that is generated at the end of the script gives you an IP Address and a Port Number to use to log in via VNC and start a remote desktop session. Once you have done this, you should see JMRI starting up.