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Secure Standardized Distributed Exchange
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Secure Standardized Distributed Exchange Network

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

PHC-DEX aims to give users the ability to run their own exchange similar to the "big ones" on their own PHC master-nodes, home/office computers or remote web-servers; While maintaining funds in their physical control that act as collateral for the orders placed on the Secure Standardized Distributed Exchange Network (SSDEN)

Fully "brand-able": administrators can also invite public users to access trades on the network and earn transaction fees for their services if they chose to follow all guidelines and regulations, licenses, etc.

PHC-DEX is a distributed peer to peer exchange platform running virtually any RPC compatible crypto-currency (BTC, LTC, DASH, etc) that can be easily implemented by users with very minimal technical experience. Profit Hunters Coin started out as an experimental crypto-currency, after proving its own security features; We’ve decided to use it as a side-chain implementation to enable cross-block-chain coin exchanges through Trusted, MultiSig, SegWit, script-able swaps.

Demo available:

Initial Node Offering:

Completed source code to be uploaded Jan 1, 2020 (Pre-released when available: Q1 2019 in private to INO holders)

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