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The oncopubs repository contains information about research articles reporting original cancer genome screening experiments, by genome-spanning molecular cytogenetic or molecular methods.

Monitored technologies include:

  • "cCGH" - Chromosomal based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH)
  • "aCGH" - genomic arrays, referring to two color CGH arrays as well as other genomic arrays suitable for reconstructing copy number aberration data (SNP arrays ...)
  • "WES" - whole exome sequencing
  • "WGS" - whole genome sequencing

The data is represented through the publications portal of the Progenetix website.

To contribute to the extension of this repository minimal data is required. PMID, number of samples and information about the technology used should be provided in a Yaml file format. Templates can be found under the incoming directory where new files can be uploaded. All contributions will be reviewed by our group and then they will be included in our database.