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This project has been deprecated. Please use the new project here.

nginx-rtmp-frontend Build Status

A frontend for nginx-rtmp-module. This will help in these things;


You need to install nginx that nginx-rtmp-module is plugged in.

If your platform is Windows, You can download binary from here.
(It is recommended that you download the nginx The reason is that the 1.9.x will not work probably.)

If your platform is OSX, You can install the nginx-full (not nginx) with brew. see also: Homebrew/homebrew-nginx

$ brew tap homebrew/nginx
$ brew install nginx-full --with-rtmp-module

After that, execute nginx-rtmp-frontend.exe or nginx-rtmp-frontend.

First time, you need configuration. If the configuration is not open, You can open that right-click on the tasktray icon and click the configuration... item.

Download it here!

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