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Expose your local web server to the Internet

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This project is currently down. Please use Ngrok. It is hoped Localtunnel and Ngrok will eventually be merged._

Localtunnel v2 (Beta)

Localtunnel lets you expose a local web server to the public Internet.

For example, running a web server on port 8000 on your laptop can be made public with::

$ localtunnel-beta 8000
  Port 8000 is now accessible from ...

The localtunnel server is provided as a free public service. However, you can also deploy your own localtunnel server on dotCloud or your own server.


Localtunnel currently requires Python 2.6 or greater. Install with pip::

$ pip install localtunnel

Since there is one dependency with a C extension, you will need Python headers and basic build tools. If you're on OS X this just means you need to have Xcode installed.




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