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Alice Skill Kit

The Alice Skill Kit is a tool that helps creating Skills for Alice.



pip3 install alice-sk

The Skill Kit supports tab completion for bash and zsh it can be activated by adding this in your .bashrc:

eval "$(_ALICE_SK_COMPLETE=source alice-sk)"

For zsh users add this to your .zshrc:

eval "$(_ALICE_SK_COMPLETE=source_zsh alice-sk)"


It is possible to run all validation tests we currently run against a skill when someone submits a PR locally using:

alice-sk validate --path <pathnames>

Further information on the validation tests can be found here

Auto skills creation

To create the basic files needed for a skill to work run:

alice-sk create

This saves you the hassle of creating the directory tree, the required files and so on. It also follows the strict conventions we made for skills and will avoid you trouble when submitting your skill for review.

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