Codeology brings to life the art and science of code.
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Codeology brings to life the art and science of code. An algorithm analyzes GitHub projects and creates unique organic forms based on the codebase size and language. As no two pieces of code are alike, no two Codeology forms are alike.

How it works

The application pulls data from GitHub’s public API and creates visuals using WebGL, Three.js, and GLSL Shaders. Shape and color represent an individual language, with size being proportionate to how many characters of code were written.

Setting up node modules

  • Source files are located in /src folder and compiled to /dist folder.
  • Build files are located in /build folder.

To setup required node modules just run: npm install.


To compile all files to dist folder, run: grunt. If you need live compiling (separately: images, fonts, js and scss), just run: grunt watch.


To release project with clean code, run: grunt release.


We're excited to hear your ideas for improving this project! Feel free to submit a pull request or create a new GitHub issue if you find a bug or have questions. We'll do our best to respond.


This project was made possible by Braintree.