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FiFo Quickcheck helper
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FQC - FiFo Quickcheck helper

A set of helpers for running EQC. It uses the same logic as to determine what tests to run (functions ending with _prop) and wraps it in a eunit test suite.

Some functions are provided for additional generators. Also it offers colored output for tests instead of the default printing of results.

Simply put -include_lib("fqc/include/fqc.hrl"). in your file.

In addition to that some variables can be -defined:

  • EQC_SETUP When defined the module must provide setup/0 and cleanup/1 which will be used as part of the eunit test suite.
  • EQC_NUM_TESTS The number of tests to run, default is 500.
  • EQC_LONG_TESTS Runs 5000 tests.
  • EQC_SHORT_TEST Runs 100 tests.
  • EQC_EUNIT_TIMEUT The timeout for the unit tests, defaults to ?EQC_NUM_TESTS div 5.
  • EQC_CI Disables colored output to run with EQC_CI.
  • GROWL If defined a growl notification will be send for failed test cases using growlnotify -n eqc -m "A test failed"

Statemachien visualisation

The eqc_dot module provides a function to generate .dot files for graphviz from symbolic statemachine commands.

The main function is eqc_gv:to_dot/2 where the first argument is the list symbilic commands and the second the failed command:

file:write_file("/Users/heinz/", eqc_gv:to_dot(eqc_gv:example_data(), 6)).
  • The Red command is the failed command.
  • Green commands were successfully executed and are in the dependency path of the failed command.
  • Blue commands were executed but their results were not used by the failed command.
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