Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset
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Project Open Data

Build Status

Problem this Solves

Technology moves much faster than policy ever could. Often when writing policy for technology, agencies are stuck w/ outdated methods as soon as they publish new policies.

How this Project Solves this Problem

This Appendix is meant to be a living document so that collaboration in the open data ecosystem is fostered and the continual update of technology pieces that affect update can happen on a more rapid pace.

Where You Come In

Help the United States Government make its Open Data policy better by collaborating. Please suggest enhancements by editing the content here.

How to Contribute

This project constitutes a collaborative work ("open source"). Federal employees and members of the public are encouraged to improve the project by contributing.

For information on how to contribute, please see the how to contribute


The project is a public domain work and is not subject to domestic or international copyright protection. See the license file for additional information.

Members of the public and US government employees who wish to contribute are encouraged to do so, but by contributing, dedicate their work to the public domain and waive all rights to their contribution under the terms of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication.


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