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Project Topaz

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License Notice

If you're switching to Project Topaz from Darkstar Project, portions of our project may be governed by the GNU AGPLv3 instead of the GNU GPLv3. This may require your server source code to be made available to users.

Any such portions will be clearly marked as being governed by the AGPLv3 in all relevant source files. Any source code not so marked is instead governed by the GPLv3, and may be used or modified without offering source to connecting users, provided it is not combined with any AGPLv3 source code. See Section 13 of both the GPLv3 and AGPLv3 for more information, and the Project Topaz License for additional permissions which may exempt you from this requirement.

Welcome to Project Topaz, an emulation server for FFXI.

Visit our Discord to keep in touch with the latest developments.



Bug Reports and Unimplemented Features

You can find the tracker here:

Make sure both your FFXI client and the Topaz server are fully updated (and servers have been rebuilt with the latest code), to check the commit log since your last known update to see if the bug has already been fixed, and to use GitHub's search to see if the bug already been reported, before submitting a new bug report.

Bug reports should include steps to reproduce the bug.

We do take issues detailing unimplemented features if the feature is retail behavior, and the issue report adequetly covers everything about that feature which is missing.

Pull Requests

By submitting a Pull Request to Project Topaz, you agree to our Limited Contributor License Agreement

Commits should contain a descriptive name for what you are modifying

Check the contributing guide for the project style guide: Contributing

You must test your code before committing changes/submitting a pull request. You break it you fix it!

Submit early and often! Try not to touch the PR too much after its submission (unless we request changes).

Remember to check back for any feedback, and drop a comment once requested changes have been made (if there are any).