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Source repository for the Project Trident website. These sources are used by the "hugo" static-site generation system to create/deploy the website.


On a FreeBSD/TrueOS system, just run this command: sudo ./ This will install the website and startup the nginx web server.


  • It is highly recommended to install the website into a FreeBSD/TrueOS jail.
  • Packages used: "gohugo" and "nginx"

Local Testing

Run ./ to spin up a local version of the website on port 1313.

Site Modification

Locations of files (relative to root of repository):

  • Website source tree: "hugo-site"
  • Image directory: hugo-site/static/images (can be referenced with /images/) within the site.
  • Custom CSS file: hugo-site/static/css/theme-trident.css (overlayed on top of default theme CSS)
  • Custom HTML "shortcodes" for use within Markdown pages/posts: hugo-site/layouts/shortcodes/*.html.
{{< shortcode [optional inputs] >}}