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Source files for the Project Trident website instance
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Source repository for the Project Trident website. These sources are used by the "hugo" static-site generation system to create/deploy the website.


On a FreeBSD/TrueOS system, just run this command: sudo ./ This will install the website and startup the nginx web server.


  • It is highly recommended to install the website into a FreeBSD/TrueOS jail.
  • Packages used: "gohugo" and "nginx"

Local Testing

Run ./ to spin up a local version of the website on port 1313.

Site Modification

Locations of files (relative to root of repository):

  • Website source tree: "hugo-site"
  • Image directory: hugo-site/static/images (can be referenced with /images/) within the site.
  • Custom CSS file: hugo-site/static/css/theme-trident.css (overlayed on top of default theme CSS)
  • Custom HTML "shortcodes" for use within Markdown pages/posts: hugo-site/layouts/shortcodes/*.html.
{{< shortcode [optional inputs] >}}

Charts and such

The "mermaid" shortcode can be use to access the mermaid.js library for generating flowcharts and such. The reference material for this library is located HERE, and can be used in a markdown pages as such:

{{< mermaid >}}
graph LR
  A[Square Box] --> B((Circle))
  B --> C{Diamond}
  C -.-> A
{{< /mermaid >}}
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