This util can repack kernels' initramfs to that we want (but still limited)
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Kernel repacker made by Liliniser / dkcldark
some additions by supercurio

Can not guarantee if this will work on every zImages.


usage : \
	-s [source kernel] \
	-d [dest kernel] \
	-r [initramfs_directory / file] \
	-c [gzip/lzma/""]

example :  \
	-s /home/zero/Desktop/test/zImage \
	-d /home/zero/Desktop/test/new_zImage \
	-r /home/zero/Desktop/initramfs-dir \
	-c lzma

1. [source kernel] : the place where your source zImage file is
2. [dest kernel] : the place where your destination zImage file will be
3. [initramfs_directory / file] : the place where your initramfs folder or a compressed file of the initramfs is
   (when you choose a compressed file of the initramfs, you don't need [gzip or lzma], just leave it
4. [gz/lzma/""] : When you choose a directory of the initramfs, you need to specify the way how you
   want to compress your initramfs directory. ("" means just leave it!)

FROYO : supports both lzma and gzip compressions
ECLAIR : only supports gzip compression

If your cross-compiler prefix is not "/opt/toolchains/arm-2009q3/bin/arm-none-linux-gnueabi-"
write a custom COMPILER=/your/path/bin/arm-foo-linux-barabi into config/

extracter only:
_______________ \
	-s [source zImage]
	-d [destination initramfs directory]