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get_search_results returns a duple of solr_response and solr_documen…

…t_list, on the analogy of get_solr_response_for_doc_id
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commit 295beb992d64831e6ae6e9ca60654e975df0f10e 1 parent 1d8bd27
@jrochkind jrochkind authored
Showing with 8 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +8 −1 lib/blacklight/solr_helper.rb
9 lib/blacklight/solr_helper.rb
@@ -67,8 +67,15 @@ def solr_search_params(extra_controller_params={})
# given a user query, return a solr response containing both result docs and facets
# - mixes in the Blacklight::Solr::SpellingSuggestions module
# - the response will have a spelling_suggestions method
+ # Returns a two-element array (aka duple) with first the solr response object,
+ # and second an array of SolrDocuments representing the
def get_search_results(extra_controller_params={})
- Blacklight.solr.find self.solr_search_params(extra_controller_params)
+ solr_response = Blacklight.solr.find( self.solr_search_params(extra_controller_params) )
+ document_list = {|doc|}
+ return [solr_response, document_list]
# returns a params hash for finding a single solr document (CatalogController #show action)
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