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Calico Networking for CNI

Note that the documentation in this repo is targeted at Calico contributors.

Documentation for Calico users is here:

This repository contains the Project Calico network plugin for CNI. This plugin allows you to use Calico networking for any orchestrator which makes use of the CNI networking specification.

This repository includes a top-level CNI networking plugin, as well as a CNI IPAM plugin which makes use of Calico IPAM.

To learn more about CNI, visit the containernetworking/cni repo.

Building the plugins and running tests

To build the Calico Networking Plugin for CNI locally, clone this repository and run make. This will build both CNI plugin binaries and run the tests. This requires a recent version of Docker.

  • To just build the binaries, with no tests, run make build. This will produce bin/$ARCH/calico and bin/$ARCH/calico-ipam.
  • To only run the tests, simply run make test.
  • To run a non-containerized build (i.e. not inside a docker container) you need to have Go 1.7+ and glide installed.



Calico binaries are licensed under the Apache v2.0 license, with the exception of some GPL licensed eBPF programs.

Calico imports packages with a number of apache-compatible licenses. For more information, see filesystem/licenses. In addition, the base container image contains pre-packaged software with a variety of licenses.

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