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GNOME time tracker


Bleeding edge warning

Project Hamster right now is undergoing bit of reshuffling and might not be fit
for everyday use. For stable versions check out releases

Requires most recent stable gtk3 (3.10)

Version of gtk required is 3.10 because of the use of HeaderBar and other bits.
Sorry and get up to date!


Debian-based: apt-get install git-core gettext intltool python-gconf python-xdg
RPM-based: yum install git-core gettext intltool gnome-python2-gconf


./waf configure build --prefix=/usr
sudo ./waf install

After that make sure that the old daemons aren’t roaming around:

killall hamster-service && killall hamster-windows-service

Now restart your panels/dockies and you should be able to add hamster to your panel!

hamster-applet → hamster-time-tracker clean up

Previously hamster was installed everywhere under hamster-applet. As
the applet is long gone, the paths and file names have changed to
hamster-time-tracker. To clean up previous install follow these steps:

git checkout d140d45f105d4ca07d4e33bcec1fae30143959fe
./waf configure build --prefix=/usr
sudo ./waf uninstall
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