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ARMClient is a simple command line tool to invoke the Azure Resource Manager API.

You can install it from:

  • Chocolatey

    choco install armclient --source=
  • Scoop

    scoop install armclient
  • The Releases page (old-school download/extract)

This blog post introduces the tool and is a good place to start.

Check out wiki for more details.

Login and get tokens
    ARMClient.exe login [environment name]

Login with Azure CLI 2.0 (az --
    ARMClient.exe azlogin

Call ARM api
    ARMClient.exe [get|post|put|patch|delete] [url] (<@file|content>) (-h "header: value") (-verbose)
    Use '-h' multiple times to add more than one custom HTTP header.

Copy token to clipboard
    ARMClient.exe token [tenant|subscription]

List token cache
    ARMClient.exe listcache

Clear token cache
    ARMClient.exe clearcache

Note: Valid values for optional [environment name]: (Default) Prod for Azure Global, Fairfax for Azure Government, Blackforest for Azure Germany, Mooncake for Azure China.

Note: The tokens are cached at %USERPROFILE%\.arm folder. All files are encrypted with CurrentUser ProtectData .NET api.

Note: PowerShell users will need to escape the @ symbol with a back tick `.