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riff Buildpack Group

This repository hosts the files necessary to create the buildpack builder used when riff builds functions from source with the riff function create <fn-name> command.

Relation to the projectriff/riff-buildpack Repository

In the v3 buildpack ecosystem, a distinction needs to be made between a buildpack and a builder.

The latter is what is actually involved when running riff function create with the buildpack approach. A builder is the composition of several buildpacks using groups. It takes the form of a docker image. In the case of riff, its official location is projectriff/builder. The purpose of this repository is to allow the creation of that builder.

The former, a buildpack, is a more fine grained unit of logic that can be composed and collaborate with other buildpacks. The projectriff/riff-buildpack repository hosts one of them, responsible for applying the riff-specific logic on top of the more general java or node building logic. As more languages become supported by riff, that buildpack will evolve to collaborate with other buildpacks (e.g. python), while this repository’s builder-riff.toml file will enhance its group(s) to reference e.g. the generic python buildpack.



To build the projectriff/builder builder you’ll need

  • Go 1.11+

  • a running local docker daemon

  • the pack command line tool, version >= 0.0.5.

Creating the Builder

Then, building the builder is as simple as

git clone https://github.com/projectriff/riff-buildpack-group
cd riff-buildpack-group
pack create-builder -b builder-riff.toml projectriff/builder

Using the Builder Locally

Lastly, to use the builder created above, just refer to the pack build reference:

cd where-your-function-is
pack build --builder projectriff/builder --no-pull -p . your-org/my-function

You should get something similar to

2018/10/17 12:11:51 Selected run image 'packs/run' from stack 'io.buildpacks.stacks.bionic'
2018/10/17 10:11:53 Group: Cloud Foundry OpenJDK Buildpack: pass | Cloud Foundry Build System Buildpack: pass | riff Buildpack: pass
*** ANALYZING: Reading information from previous image for possible re-use
-----> Cloud Foundry OpenJDK Buildpack 1.0.0-BUILD-SNAPSHOT
-----> OpenJDK JDK 1.8.181: Reusing cached dependency
-----> OpenJDK JRE 1.8.181: Contributing to launch
       Downloading from https://java-buildpack.cloudfoundry.org/openjdk/bionic/x86_64/openjdk-1.8.0_181.tar.gz
---> Running in 68e4eef095c7
---> f36967212b6c
---> f36967212b6c
Successfully built f36967212b6c
Successfully tagged your-org/my-function