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riff's runtime inside k8s
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* Application controller needs access to ConfigMaps

* Functions and Containers need ConfigMap access as well
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riff System

Controllers for riff CRDs


riff System contains three API groups with CustomResourceDefinitions that are the public API for riff.

    • Application - applications built from source using application buildpacks
    • Function - functions built from source using function buildpacks
    • Container - watch a container repository for the latest image
    • Deployer - deployers map HTTP requests to applications, functions, containers or images with Kubernetes core resources
    • Provider - an abstraction over a message broker
    • Stream - streams of messages
    • Processor - processors apply functions to messages on streams
    • Adapter - adapters map applications, functions or container images into an existing Knative Service or Configuration.
    • Deployer - deployers map HTTP requests to applications, functions, containers or images with Knative


A controller and webhook Deployments exist in the riff-system namespace to validate and reconcile the riff CRDs.


Two ClusterRoles are defined to grant access to the riff CRDs.

  • projectriff - read/write access to all riff CRDs
  • projectriff-readonly - read access to all riff CRDs

These roles are aggregated to the edit and view ClusterRoles respectively.

See the Kuberneties Using RBAC Authorization for more information.


riff System is not installed directly for typical use. See the Getting Started docs to learn how to install riff.


After making any changes to source files in ./pkgs/apis it is necessary to regenerate the API client by running:


Dependencies are managed with dep. After importing a new package or modifying Gopkg.toml, run:


To run the unit tests locally:

go test ./...

To deploy to a development cluster with ko:

ko apply -f config/

Additional dependencies must be installed independently into the cluster including:

  • riff build templates
  • Knative Build
  • Knative Serving
  • Istio

A common practice is to start with a standard riff install and then incrementally update riff System from source.


Releases are generated by the CI server by running ./hack/, and published to:{version}.yaml

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