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  1. LunarTabsAndroid LunarTabsAndroid Public

    Lunar Tabs is an Android-based screen reader friendly guitar tablature reader.

    Java 7 3

  2. CSUN-MobileMapMagnifier CSUN-MobileMapMagnifier Public

    Mobile Map Magnifier

    C# 6 4

  3. Lunar-Tabs-Desktop Lunar-Tabs-Desktop Public

    Desktop Version of Lunar Tabs: Accessible Guitar Tab Reader

    Java 6

  4. CSUN-AccessibleMusicStreaming CSUN-AccessibleMusicStreaming Public

    Accessible Music Streaming

    JavaScript 5 4

  5. CSUN-HapticMobileGame CSUN-HapticMobileGame Public

    Haptic Mobile Game

    Java 4

  6. MapEnlarge MapEnlarge Public

    map magnifier for person with visual disability

    Java 3 1


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