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Prologin SADM

SADM stands for System ADMinistration. This is the Prologin contest finals infrastructure.

This repository contains:

  • the core SADM Python package: Python implementation of various internal services and Django websites
  • the configuration files for these services
  • a collection of scripts to set up the infrastructure, for both production machines and development using containers
  • various dependencies packaged as Archlinux packages
  • documentation on how to deploy this infrastructure and develop on it

Please refer to the full documentation:


Python style

SADM uses black to format its python code and flake8 to enforce the style guide. Before submitting, please make sure that your code is properly formatted and documented!


SADM provides a pre-commit configuration for you to check your changes before submitting them.

To setup pre-commit, run:

$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
$ pre-commit install

This will run black over the code to be committed and if anything changes the pre-commit will fail. Simply try again and the re-formatted code will be committed.


Documentation, configs, scripts and services used for the finals of the Prologin contest.




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