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* Update out of order design state

Out of order implementation has been merged and is now a feature in
Prometheus's TSDB.

Signed-off-by: Jesus Vazquez <>

* Set the right state

Co-authored-by: Ganesh Vernekar <>
Signed-off-by: Jesus Vazquez <>

Signed-off-by: Jesus Vazquez <>
Signed-off-by: Jesus Vazquez <>
Co-authored-by: Ganesh Vernekar <>

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Prometheus Documentation

This repository contains both the content and the static-site generator code for the Prometheus documentation site.

Contributing Changes

See for general instructions for new Prometheus contributors.

The main documentation contents of this website are located in the content/docs directory.

Documentation concerning the Prometheus server is maintained in the Prometheus server repository and cloned into the website at build time.

As a guideline, please keep the documentation generally applicable and avoid use-case-specific changes.


You need to have a working Ruby environment set up (including bundler) and then install the necessary gems:

cd docs
make bundle


To generate the static site, run:

make build

The resulting static site will be stored in the output directory.

Optionally, you can use an API token to avoid rate limits on the API. You can get an API token from

export GITHUB_AUTHENTICATION='-u user:token'

Development Server

To run a local server that displays the generated site, run:

# Rebuild the site whenever relevant files change:
make guard
# Start the local development server in a separate shell:
make serve

You should now be able to view the generated site at http://localhost:3000/.

Automatic Deployment

This site is automatically deployed using Netlify.

If you have the prerequisite access rights, you can view the Netlify settings here:

Changes to the main branch are deployed to the main site at

Netlify also creates preview deploys for every pull request. To view these for a PR where all checks have passed:

  1. In the CI section of the PR, click on "Show all checks".
  2. On the "deploy/netlify" entry, click on "Details" to view the preview site for the PR.

You may have to wait a while for the "deploy/netlify" check to appear after creating or updating the PR, even if the other checks have already passed.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.