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* Make sure to mention that colons are reserved in the data model.
* Cleanup wording to explain what "users" means.

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Prometheus Documentation

This repository contains both the content and the static-site generator code for the Prometheus documentation site.

Contributing Changes

See for general instructions for new Prometheus contributors.

The main documentation contents of this website are located in the content/docs directory.

Documentation concerning the Prometheus server is maintained in the Prometheus server repository and cloned into the website at build time.

As a guideline, please keep the documentation generally applicable and avoid use-case-specific changes.


You need to have a working Ruby environment set up (including bundler) and then install the necessary gems:

cd docs
make bundle


To generate the static site, run:

make build

The resulting static site will be stored in the output directory.

Development Server

To run a local server that displays the generated site, run:

# Rebuild the site whenever relevant files change:
make guard
# Start the local development server in a separate shell:
make serve

You should now be able to view the generated site at http://localhost:3000/.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.