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@prombot prombot released this Feb 20, 2020

Breaking changes

  • The netdev collector CLI argument --collector.netdev.ignored-devices was renamed to --collector.netdev.device-blacklist in order to conform with the systemd collector. #1279
  • The label named state on node_systemd_service_restart_total metrics was changed to name to better describe the metric. #1393
  • Refactoring of the mdadm collector changes several metrics
    • node_md_disks_active is removed
    • node_md_disks now has a state label for "fail", "spare", "active" disks.
    • node_md_is_active is replaced by node_md_state with a state set of "active", "inactive", "recovering", "resync".
  • Additional label mountaddr added to NFS device metrics to distinguish mounts from the same URL, but different IP addresses. #1417
  • Metrics node_cpu_scaling_frequency_min_hrts and node_cpu_scaling_frequency_max_hrts of the cpufreq collector were renamed to node_cpu_scaling_frequency_min_hertz and node_cpu_scaling_frequency_max_hertz. #1510
  • Collectors that are enabled, but are unable to find data to collect, now return 0 for node_scrape_collector_success.


  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add --collector.perf.cpus to allow setting the CPU list for perf stats.
  • [CHANGE] Add --collector.netdev.device-whitelist. #1279
  • [CHANGE] Ignore iso9600 filesystem on Linux #1355
  • [CHANGE] Refactor mdadm collector #1403
  • [CHANGE] Add mountaddr label to NFS metrics. #1417
  • [CHANGE] Don't count empty collectors as success. #1613
  • [FEATURE] New flag to disable default collectors #1276
  • [FEATURE] Add experimental TLS support #1277
  • [FEATURE] Add collector for Power Supply Class #1280
  • [FEATURE] Add new schedstat collector #1389
  • [FEATURE] Add FreeBSD zfs support #1394
  • [FEATURE] Add uname support for Darwin and OpenBSD #1433
  • [FEATURE] Add new metric node_cpu_info #1489
  • [FEATURE] Add new thermal_zone collector #1425
  • [FEATURE] Add new cooling_device metrics to thermal zone collector #1445
  • [FEATURE] Add swap usage on darwin #1508
  • [FEATURE] Add Btrfs collector #1512
  • [FEATURE] Add RAPL collector #1523
  • [FEATURE] Add new softnet collector #1576
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Log pid when there is a problem reading the process stats #1341
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Collect InfiniBand port state and physical state #1357
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Include additional XFS runtime statistics. #1423
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Report non-fatal collection errors in the exporter metric. #1439
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Expose IPVS firewall mark as a label #1455
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add check for systemd version before attempting to query certain metrics. #1413
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add a flag to adjust mount timeout #1486
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add new counters for flush requests in Linux 5.5 #1548
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add metrics and tests for UDP receive and send buffer errors #1534
  • [ENHANCEMENT] The sockstat collector now exposes IPv6 statistics in addition to the existing IPv4 support. #1552
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add infiniband info metric #1563
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add unix socket support for supervisord collector #1592
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Implement loadavg on all BSDs without cgo #1584
  • [BUGFIX] Read /proc/net files with a single read syscall #1380
  • [BUGFIX] Renamed label state to name on node_systemd_service_restart_total. #1393
  • [BUGFIX] Fix netdev nil reference on Darwin #1414
  • [BUGFIX] Strip path.rootfs from mountpoint labels #1421
  • [BUGFIX] Fix seconds reported by schedstat #1426
  • [BUGFIX] Fix empty string in path.rootfs #1464
  • [BUGFIX] Fix typo in cpufreq metric names #1510
  • [BUGFIX] Read /proc/stat in one syscall #1538
  • [BUGFIX] Fix OpenBSD cache memory information #1542
  • [BUGFIX] Refactor textfile collector to avoid looping defer #1549
  • [BUGFIX] Fix network speed math #1580
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