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  • [SECURITY/BUGFIX] UI: Fix a Stored DOM XSS vulnerability with query history CVE-2019-10215. #6098
  • [CHANGE] Metrics: renamed prometheus_sd_configs_failed_total to prometheus_sd_failed_configs and changed to Gauge #5254
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Include the tsdb tool in builds. #6089
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Service discovery: add new node address types for kubernetes. #5902
  • [ENHANCEMENT] UI: show warnings if query have returned some warnings. #5964
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote write: reduce memory usage of the series cache. #5849
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote read: use remote read streaming to reduce memory usage. #5703
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Metrics: added metrics for remote write max/min/desired shards to queue manager. #5787
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: show the warnings during label query. #5924
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: improve error messages when parsing bad rules. #5965
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Promtool: more promlint rules. #5515
  • [BUGFIX] Promtool: fix recording inconsistency due to duplicate labels. #6026
  • [BUGFIX] UI: fixes service-discovery view when accessed from unhealthy targets. #5915
  • [BUGFIX] Metrics format: OpenMetrics parser crashes on short input. #5939
  • [BUGFIX] UI: avoid truncated Y-axis values. #6014
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