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@prombot prombot released this Mar 24, 2020

This release implements isolation in TSDB. API queries and recording rules are
guaranteed to only see full scrapes and full recording rules. This comes with a
certain overhead in resource usage. Depending on the situation, there might be
some increase in memory usage, CPU usage, or query latency.

  • [FEATURE] TSDB: Support isolation #6841
  • [ENHANCEMENT] PromQL: Allow more keywords as metric names #6933
  • [ENHANCEMENT] React UI: Add normalization of localhost URLs in targets page #6794
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remote read: Read from remote storage concurrently #6770
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Rules: Mark deleted rule series as stale after a reload #6745
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Scrape: Log scrape append failures as debug rather than warn #6852
  • [ENHANCEMENT] TSDB: Improve query performance for queries that partially hit the head #6676
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Consul SD: Expose service health as meta label #5313
  • [ENHANCEMENT] EC2 SD: Expose EC2 instance lifecycle as meta label #6914
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Expose service type as meta label for K8s service role #6684
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Kubernetes SD: Expose label_selector and field_selector #6807
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Openstack SD: Expose hypervisor id as meta label #6962
  • [BUGFIX] PromQL: Do not escape HTML-like chars in query log #6834 #6795
  • [BUGFIX] React UI: Fix data table matrix values #6896
  • [BUGFIX] React UI: Fix new targets page not loading when using non-ASCII characters #6892
  • [BUGFIX] Remote read: Fix duplication of metrics read from remote storage with external labels #6967 #7018
  • [BUGFIX] Remote write: Register WAL watcher and live reader metrics for all remotes, not just the first one #6998
  • [BUGFIX] Scrape: Prevent removal of metric names upon relabeling #6891
  • [BUGFIX] Scrape: Fix 'superfluous response.WriteHeader call' errors when scrape fails under some circonstances #6986
  • [BUGFIX] Scrape: Fix crash when reloads are separated by two scrape intervals #7011
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