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willdurand commented Jul 30, 2012

... with something else.

The Generator configuration is tied to Phing, because of the file syntax (pseudo ini file). There are tons of propel. lalala everywhere, and I tend to hate that.

The Symfony2 Config component seems a good candidate to handle that part:

We have tons of build properties. It doesn't make sense to keep this naming, and the component introduced above could help us to build a strong configuration (thanks to the TreeBuilder). We can support configuration in different formats, and so on.

What do you think?


stephpy commented Jul 30, 2012

👍 I'm sure it'll be part of a lot of oss projects, and being able to have configuration on yaml, php or may be annotations is great + the benefits of maintenance :)


fzaninotto commented Jul 30, 2012

As most Symfony components, I think this one is overengineerd (LoaderResolver? How about a FileVoterLoaderResolverInterface?)

But it's not as if we had a choice (http://hubscovery.com/search?q=config+l%3Aphp)

So ok for me. But it's a tough job.

rande commented Jul 30, 2012

The OptionResolver can also be used.


hhamon commented Nov 4, 2012

I would be +1 if we decide to support multiple configuration formats otherwise we could stay on a simple handmade solution.

tacone commented Nov 13, 2012

Not supporting php configuration format in 1.6 is a big entry barrier for my use case.

So please do, I think is a great idea :-)

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[WIP] Configuration system refactor #527

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cristianoc72 commented Jul 25, 2014

This issue should be closed (imho).

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