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Welcome to the Propel2 wiki!

The Propel2 Roadmap


  • [data-mapper] Refactoring builders by splitting all builders up in little component, using a oop php class generator, and using a template engine instead of plain old PHP to generate PHP.

  • [data-mapper] Implementing UnitOfWork and Data-Mapper, by extracting database persisting&fetching from the object model into new classes. Remove tightly coupling of SQL and Propel by moving some code generation to platform classes.

  • [ISSUE 608] Allow PHP in Migrations

Already finished:

  • [OK] Removing all require() and adding namespaces, that means the directory structure will be modified to follow the PSR-0 specification.

  • [OK] Adding an autoloader component, probably the Symfony2 ClassLoader Component. Note: Composer has been used.

  • [OK] Fixing CS.

  • [OK] Fixing naming.

  • [OK] Removing Phing and related stuffs.

  • [OK] Removing late-static-binding hacks.

  • [OK] Adding a new component to handle the "console logic" : Symfony2 Console Component is suitable for that part.

  • Introducing a "commons" logic (useful for shared information between the Platform (buildtime) and Adapters (runtime)).

  • [OK] Refactoring Adapters to be more generic (Proxy connection or something else).

  • [OK] Adding new named exceptions.

  • [OK] Adding a new (or real) logging part: probably Monolog.

  • [OK] Removing PEER classes.

  • [OK] Moved Base* classes to a better location, with a better name (Om/BaseBook.php => Base/BaseBook.php for instance).

  • [OK] Removing the old validation system, and use a behavior to integrate the Symfony2 Validator component.


Coding Standards

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