A modern port of Nathan Lamont's classic RTS Ares
Lua C C++ PHP Objective-C F#
Latest commit f149524 Jan 11, 2011 @prophile Fixed (hopefully) a bug where Xsera would crash on exit.
This was due to some lingering resources being accessed after free by alure.
To combat this, music is now stopped on exit, which kills the stream and
(hopefully) cures the problem.

Signed-off-by: Alastair Lynn <arplynn@gmail.com>
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Conceptual Standardized cameraRatio options, even though apparently GameFreak ha… Jul 7, 2010
Engine Fixed (hopefully) a bug where Xsera would crash on exit. Jan 11, 2011
External Updated alure to latest. Oct 1, 2010
Resources Merge branch 'building' of github.com:adam000/xsera Jan 10, 2011
Source Made Xsera check the power of the target machine. Jul 6, 2010
Tools Merge branch 'apollo' of github.com:adam000/xsera Dec 31, 2010
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