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Example SWRLAPI application
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This project provides a simple example of a Java application that uses the SWRLAPI to create and execute SWRL rules and SQWRL queries.

You can import this project into your favourite IDE using its Maven-based project creation facility.

Building and Running

To build and run this project you must have the following items installed:

Get a copy of the latest code:

git clone 

Change into the swrlapi-example directory:

cd swrlapi-example

Build it with Maven:

mvn clean install

On build completion, your local Maven repository will contain generated swrlapi-example-${version}.jar and swrlapi-example-${version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar files. The ./target directory will also contain these JARs.

You can then run the application as follows:

mvn exec:java


If you have questions about this library, please go to the main Protégé website and subscribe to the Protégé Developer Support mailing list. After subscribing, send messages to protege-dev at

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