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What is WebProtégé?

WebProtégé is a free, open source collaborative ontology development environment.

It provides the following features:

  • Support for editing OWL 2 ontologies
  • A default simple editing interface, which provides access to commonly used OWL constructs
  • Full change tracking and revision history
  • Collaboration tools such as, sharing and permissions, threaded notes and discussions, watches and email notifications
  • Customizable user interface
  • Support for editing OBO ontologies
  • Multiple file formats for upload and download of ontologies (supported formats: RDF/XML, Turtle, OWL/XML, OBO, and others)

WebProtégé runs as a Web application. End users access it through their Web browsers. They do not need to download or install any software. We encourage end-users to use

If you have downloaded the webprotege war file from GitHub, and would like to deploy it on your own server, please follow the instructions at:égé-3.0.0-Installation