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Custom environment and configurations for GNU/Linux

Deprecation notice. Moved to GitLab.

Managed with GNU Stow

Here is a short blog post on how I use that program.


Large gaps are for demo purposes, as I prefer to work with values between 0-5.

'Dirty' screenshot
bspwm sample screenshot

Demo of a script that changes all themes on demand, from terminals to command line utilities, the system bar, etc. It is invoked by my tempusmenu: a dmenu script that provides the available options. The Tempus themes are compliant at minimum with the WCAG AA accessibility standard for colour contrast.
bspwm demo of theme change

Higher quality of environment theme change demo

Getting started

To copy these configs, either do so manually (and suffer the inevitability of things not working as expected), or prepare a terminal for the following:

# Shallow clone this repo (only latest commit)

## With ssh ~/dotfiles-prot --depth 1

## With https ~/dotfiles-prot --depth 1

# enter the new directory
cd dotfiles-prot

# use stow to create symlinks to the configs you need
# NOTE linking will fail if files/directories already exist

## examples:

### Creates symlinks for the base bspwm setup
stow bspwm

### Create symlinks to all xorg files (urxvt, Xresources, etc)
stow xorg

To remove the symlinks, use the same commands with the --delete flag, such as:

stow --delete bspwm

For more options, run man stow.

IMPORTANT. If you want to reproduce my environment (by stowing everything), make sure you search and replace all absolute paths to my home directory /home/prot/.

NOTE: The directory 'sudo' is not managed with stow. I copy files manually, if necessary.

Setup overview (Arch Linux)

From A-Z:

  • bspwm. Tiling window manager.
  • compton. Display compositor.
  • dmenu. Dynamic menu used to launch programs and custom commands.
  • dunst. Notification daemon.
  • emacs. Text editor (more like a self-contained OS, but I digress).
  • materia-gtk-theme. Widget theme for graphical applications.
  • mpd. Music server daemon.
  • mpv. Media player invoked from the console.
  • ncmpcpp. Console music client for mpd.
  • neomutt. Console email client.
  • newsboat. Console feed reader and podcast client.
  • papirus-icon-theme. Icon theme used in my notify-send actions.
  • pass. Password manager.
  • polybar (AUR). System status bar.
  • ranger. Console file manager.
  • redshift. Screen colour temparature daemon.
  • rxvt-unicode. Terminal emulator.
  • task (aka taskwarrior). Task manager for the console.
  • tmux. Terminal multiplexer.
  • ttf-roboto. System interface fonts (polybar, dmenu, dunst).
  • ttf-font-awesome-4 (AUR). Icon font used in the system bar.
  • ttf-hack. Fonts used in terminals, text editors (Hack is almost identical to DejaVu Sans Mono, but seems to have better hinting/kerning).
  • vim. Text editor, used exclusively in the console.
  • w3m. Console browser.

NOTE. As I have recently added Emacs to my workflow, I may eventually deprecate some of the items on this list in favour of their Emacs equivalents.


Unless otherwise noted, all code herein is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3. In cases where that cannot apply (e.g. a picture), the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License shall be used instead.


The wallpaper image file is taken from under the terms of the CC0 license.

The lock screen background is taken from under the terms of the Unsplash license.

All code herein is a combination of my own work, adaptations from others' contributions, man pages, and wiki articles.