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Link Relation Type Registration Requests

This repository's issues list manages requests to add and change entries in the link relation type IANA registry. Please note our contribution terms.

Your Experts are currently @algermissen, @mnot, and @reschke.

To request registration of a new relation type (or a change to an existing one), you can:

See RFC8288 for more information about link relations; in particular, the requirements for registered relation types. Note that a specification is required.

Once approved, your request will be incorporated into the IANA registry, whereupon it will be officially registered.

Describing Link Relations

There are many ways to fill out the description field, but in general it's good if it aligns with the terminology in RFC8288. Some examples:

  • Refers to a resource that can be used to verb the link's context.
  • The target IRI points to a resource where a descriptor resource for the link context can be obtained.
  • Refers to a resource providing descriptor about the link's context.

Suitable Specification References

This registry requires a stable reference for a specification document. Publication by a recognised open standards body is preferred; however, publication by established Open Source projects (i.e., those that demonstrate a community that's commited to ongoing support), community and commercial organisations are also accepted, provided that they have a reaonable plan to promote specification stability.

When to Register

Generally, a registration request should be made when your document is mature enough for wide review.

If your reference is an Internet-Draft, that means when it's adopted by a stream (e.g., the IETF stream, the Independent stream), not beforehand.

If your reference is in another standards body, a request can be made before the document is finalised.

If your reference is from an Open Source project, community or commerical group, a request can be made once your document becomes public, but anticipatory requests are discouraged, and may be refused or delayed.