A set of hopefully useful modules that you can import in your Thunderbird extension. Wrappers for deleting messages, archiving messages, sending messages, wrapping text, quoting text...
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Thunderbird Standard Library

The goal of this project is to provide a nice set of wrappers to get started quickly when developing a Thunderbird addon. The initial thread on Google groups details the ideas.

The following areas should be covered by this library:

  • sending a message, possibly in HTML,
  • doing various things with messages, including marking them as read, archiving them, deleting them, getting the associated tags...
  • wrappers for commong address book actions, such as quickly saving an email address in some address book,
  • various util functions: escaping text for HTML insertion, accessing the user's identities...

Gloda, MailUtils.jsm, GlodaUtils.js already provide useful functions. The goal is not to replace these, but rather to fill in the gaps. These functions are used by the "Thunderbird Conversations" and "Compose in a tab" extensions.