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D3.js with Ionic GitHub license

A tutorial app built with Ionic Framework to learn D3.js with Typescript

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Why this app?

I made this app while learning D3.js. But while I had in mind that my goal was to use it in an Ionic app, I realized there was some differences compared to a classical use. Mainly because of Typescript.

If you're in this case, you need to install TypeScript type definitions. So syntax may be different than a simple usage of D3.js.

Who is this for?

I propose to share my work to make you save time while learning.

I think these examples could also be appropriated if you already are in and advanced step of your learning but stuck on some points.

What can you find here?

Most of these examples are based on Dashing D3.js tutorials adapted in Typescript 2 for Ionic 3.

Working with this code


Of course you need node and npm.

Please also be sure you installed Ionic and Cordova:

npm install -g ionic cordova

To verify your system is ok run ionic info.


Install the app by running:

git clone
cd d3js-ionic
ionic cordova prepare

This should prompt you if you want to install npm packages, answer yes. If it's not the case, run npm install;

Run the app:

// in the browser with livereload
ionic serve -l
// or on a device
ionic cordova run android --device
ionic cordova run ios --device


Code documentation is available here

Feel free to improve the app

  • Please use commitizen if you wanna contribute to the project and create a pull request ( run git cz instead of git commit)
  • Quality code status is available on Sonarcloud
  • CI with Travis



If you are having issues, questions or any suggestions, please let me know: / twitter/@proustibat


The project is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 license

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