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Code examples showing how to use the Provable API on Ethereum
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Here you can find some code examples showing just how easy it is to integrate the Provable Service into your Ethereum smart-contracts! Thanks to our Ethereum API using Provable in your projects couldn't be more straightforward. In Solidity it is as simple as inheriting the usingProvable contract like so:

    contract YourSmartContract is usingProvable {
        // … 

This provisions your contract with the provable_query() function (and many others!), which makes it trivial to leverage our technology straight away. Head into the Solidity directory for more information.

💻 Happy developing!


💀 CAUTION: It is highly recommended to avoid using Serpent, especially in production. The examples herein have been left for reasons of posterity but support for it is no longer maintained as Serpent is considered outdated and audits have shown it to be flawed. Use them at your own risk!

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