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Provable Fabric API Join the chat at HitCount MIT Licence


Thanks to this Fabric API, enriching your chaincodes with external data using Provable is very easy!

In Golang it is as simple as importing the oraclize/fabric-api that you'll find in this repository.

This will provide your contract with functions like OraclizeQuery_sync(...), which make it trivial for you to leverage our oracle technology straight away.

Simply import Provable into your contract like so:

import (
  oraclizeapi ""

Simply install the Provable Connector chaincode on your peer.

To learn more about the Provable Fabric integration, please refer to our documentation here.



💻 See It In Action!

For working examples of how to integrate the Provable Fabric API into your own chaincodes, head on over to the Provable Fabric Examples repository. Here you'll find various examples that use Provable to feed smart-contracts with data from a variety of external sources.



📣 Get In Touch!

If you want to ask us something, or tell us something, there's loads of ways to get in touch:

We have a Twitter

And a Gitter

Or a Website

Plus a Github


Provable API for Hyperledger Fabric Chaincodes




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