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A mock identity provider, returning wallets to a caller
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Mock Identity Provider

This project represents a mock identity provider which returns pre-allocated private-keys until none are left.


The identity provider is running on port 8090 by default. If you need to change this setting, head to src/main/resources/ and change the value of server.port.


Add new wallets

In order to add new wallets (and remove the old ones), submit their private keys.

Route: POST http://localhost:8090/wallets

        "wallets": [
                "private-key": "0"
                "private-key": "1"
                "private-key": "2"

Get a wallet

In order to get a non-assigned wallet's private-key, use the following route:

Route: GET http://localhost:8090/wallets/next

On success, you'll retrieve a response with status code 200. Its response body will contain:

      "private-key": "0"

On failure, you'll retrieve a response with status code 404. Its response body will contain

      "timestamp": 1519138261748,
      "status": 404,
      "error": "Not Found",
      "exception": "org.provotum.mockidentityprovider.exception.NoWalletLeftException",
      "message": "No wallet left",
      "path": "/wallets/next"
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