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Consider adding to the project root directory #767

kyrylo opened this Issue · 5 comments

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When someone wants to add a new issue to the tracker, they will see this:

Contributing message


I find these messages pretty condescending; if it makes other people happy then go for it.


@ConradIrwin @robgleeson why do you guys feel that way?

As more of an outsider I think the guideline could prove to be useful for newer peeps, since they might not know the ropes.
Still, most will probably just ignore it and they're bound to drop by the IRC channel before committing anything anyway.


So, we decided it's not useful for the time being.

@kyrylo kyrylo closed this

For reference

(06:04:42 PM) cirwin: locks: I mainly dislike the wording
(06:05:05 PM) cirwin: if it was "Not sure what to do? Read tips for contributing."
(06:05:08 PM) cirwin: I'd be all for it
(06:05:27 PM) cirwin: "Please review the guidelines" makes it sound like we hate everyone
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