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Vé is an editor for translating gettext PO files on Android. It is still in an early development phase, so you might still experience bugs and missing features. If you do, you are very welcome to help out by reporting the bug or missing feature through Vé's issue tracker.

PO files are the de-facto standard for localization (translation) of especially open source programs that run on several platforms, including Linux, Windows and MacOS, but also Android apps may be localized by means of PO files (including this very app).

Vé enables you to load such a PO file into a simple interface, fully (or partially) translate apps or programs into your own language, and save an updated PO file for implementation by the app/program developer. While providing the essential features for translation and localization of apps and programs, Vé is simple in design to compensate for the limitations of a mobile platform like Android (small screen, no physical keyboard, etc.)

Vé is named after one of Odin's two brothers in Norse mythology. The three brothers, Odin, Vili and Vé were thought to be the Gods who gave life to the first humans, Ask and Embla. Vé was the one who gave them speech, among other capabilities.

Vé is open source software, released under the GPL licence, which means you can use it for free, for personal or other purposes. You can even redistribute it, modified or not, provided you do so under the same licence, which means you have to provide your source files for any changes. You can read the full licence text here.

Contributing to Vé

As with much other open source software, Vé is based on voluntary work. If you want, you can contribute to the development of Vé. This might be either through reporting bugs in the issue tracker, contributing code, translating Vé into your own language, and/or donating an amount of your choice. Generally, code contributions (except translations) are accepted through Github pull requests.

Translations are handled by The Translation Project, via PO files. Download the PO file of your language from Vé's TranslationProject page and edit it with your favourite PO editor, such as Vé on Android, lokalize or poedit on desktop computers. When you're done, the file needs to be sent to the Translation Project Robot. Beware that your language might already have a language team, and if so, you should coordinate your efforts with them. The Translation Project has a list of translation teams, complete with contact info.

Donations of any amount that you see fit are kindly accepted through Bitcoin address 12FPDWwNYyn6wRfybncM5VcJpM4ZP6QNnM. At some point in the future, in-app donations through Google Play will be possible.

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