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RileyLink iOS App

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The main purpose of the RileyLink iOS App is for developers to test and build the device commands. The RileyLink iOS app connects to a RileyLink via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, or Bluetooth Smart)


  • Communicate with specific Medtronic Pumps dating before 2012. Read the Loop documentation for more information about which pumps are working.
  • Communicate with the OmniPod.

How to contibute

Test edge cases

Try to test as many use cases as possible by using the test command to send the command to the Pod. The test command line can be inserted here. It will send the command by using the test command button in the app:

Create issues for failing test cases

If there is an error, create an Issue here with:

  • A description which steps you took.
  • The console output from Xcode as a text snippet

If you own a RTL-SDR USB Device, also try to capture the radio messages as well and adding this to the Issue by using this capture program: which might help as well in trying to see what radio commands were send.

Add unit tests

You can also add your test as a unit test if there is no similiar test written yet here:

PR new communication commands or refactored code

Always run all Omnikit tests before making a PR request and also solve any errors which the travis build can find. Create a new PR to the omnikit branch if you have created a new part in the communication commands.

WARNING the PODs used will fail rapidly, so testing will require a lot of PODs.

If you need test pods, please contact @jwedding on or

Getting Started

Flash the Rileylink Device

Flash your Rileylink device to version 2.0 or greater if you are using an earlier version using the dev branch of subg_rfspy and ble113_rfspy (there are two chips) need to be flashed.

Clone this repo to your machine

git clone
cd rileylink_ios
git checkout omnikit // To switch the branch or do it Xcode using the branch button in the menu on the top left.

Install the Rileylink iOS app to your phone

Install Xcode

You'll need Xcode, which is available for free, but will only build apps that last a week. To make your apps run longer, you'll have to sign up for a developer account. Read this tutorial how to sign up:

  • Connect your iphone with a usb lightning connector to your laptop
  • Select your iphone name at the top page pull down menu (it usually shows generic device)

You should not need to change bundle id, but you do have to sign the app by your team id on 3 places highlighted in red.

  • Then just clicking on the build and run button in Xcode should build and install the app to your connected phone.

How to Use

To use the Rileylink, it has to connect to a Rileylink device first. If you don't see your RileyLink, close any app that uses the Rileylink or reboot your phone.

turn on rileylink in command section

Setup an Omnipod

Click on Setup POD. Follow the same steps as with the PDM, but only push once to insert canula, else the Pod wil fail. If all went well you should see something like this:

turn on rileylink in command section

Test commands

To start testing commands you can edit the test command setting in xCode here and issue the command after rebuilding the app on your phone and push the test command button:

turn on rileylink in command section

Setup a Medtronic pump

  • Pump ID - Enter in your six digit pump ID


RileyLink iOS App, RileyLink Frameworks, and MinimedKit decoding Framework





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