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Powershell wrapper for Process Scheduler
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This wrapper script is used to call Powershell scripts from the Process Monitor. PeopleSoft's batch scheduling system support various tools but it doesn't supporting running shell scripts. David Kurtz posted a solution on running *nix shell scripts and this project is entirely based on his work.


Visit the blog post to learn more about configuring the Process Scheduler to run Powershell scripts.


  • This wrapper script was tested with Powershell 5 and uses the #Requires -Version 5 command.
  • The $env:ORACLE_HOME environment variable must be set and pointing to your Oracle Client home.


There is an optional debug mode that you can enable when using the wrapper script. To enable debug mode, set the environment variable $env:DEBUG="true" for the powershell session (if testing via the command line), or at the machine level to enable when running from the process scheduler.

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