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DPK Module to configure the ERP Firewall (Application Security Platform) from Appsian
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Table of Contents

  1. Description
  2. Setup - The basics of getting started with io_erpfirewall
  3. Usage - Configuration options and additional functionality
  4. Reference - An under-the-hood peek at what the module is doing and how


This module will install the Appsian EPR Firewall libaries and configure the web server filters. There are multiple locations that .jar files exist for the product, and this module ensures that all locations are updated. (You must provide the source files, this module will put them in the correct location). The module will also update the web.xml file so the ERP Firewall filter is correctly added.


What io_erpfirewall affects OPTIONAL

This module affects the following locations and files:

  • PS_HOME\class or PS_CUST_HOME\class for app server libraries
  • PIA_HOME\peoplesoft\applications\PORTAL.war\WEB-INF\web.xml
  • PIA_HOME\peoplesoft\applications\lib
  • PIA_HOME\peoplesoft\applications\PORTAL.war\lib
  • PIA_HOME\peoplesoft\applications\PORTAL.war\gsdocs

Beginning with io_erpfirewall

This module requires a source directory storing all the .jar files that the ERP Firewall uses. The source directory is expected to look like this:

tree C:\dpk\files\erpfirewall
│   └───Windows
│   └───Linux
    |   ├───lib
    |   └───PORTAL.war
    |       └───WEB-INF
    |           ├───gsdocs
    |           └───lib


  1. Copy the io_erpfirewall module code into your DPK_HOME\modules folder.
  2. In your psft_customizations.yaml file, add the io_erpfirewall::* parameters to configure the module.
  3. Add contain ::io_erpfirewall to your DPK Role.


The following configuration options are avialable via psft_customizations.yaml.

io_erpfirewall::library_base:     'puppet:///modules/io_deploy/erpfirewall/'
io_erpfirewall::appserver:        true
io_erpfirewall::pia:              true
io_erpfirewall::use_ps_cust_home: true
  • library_base: The source folder for the ERP Firewarll binaries to deploy. This location must be accessible on each machine.
  • appserver: Enables the deployment of app server libraries. Default is true.
  • pia: Enables the configuration and deployment of web server libraries. Default is true.
  • use_ps_cust_home: On the application server, the ERP Firewall libraries will deploy to PS_HOME/class. Default is false. Set this parameter to deploy the libraries to PS_CUST_HOME/class. If you set this, you must also update psappsrv.cfg to have this line:
Add to CLASSPATH:     '%PS_CUST_HOME%\class'

or you can add this to the psft_customizations.yaml file under your appserver_domain_list:

      PSTOOLS/Add to CLASSPATH:     '%PS_CUST_HOME%\class'

Disable Site

The module can also install the site_<sitename>_disabled.txt file. Under the site configuration, add disable_appsian: present to create the file.

        appsian_disable:       present
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