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This repository contains fixes and enhancements to Oracle's PeopleSoft DPK.
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This repository contains fixes and enhancements to Oracle's PeopleSoft DPK.



  1. puppet-agent - 5.5.6+
  2. puppet module - acl
    puppet module install puppetlabs-acl --version 2.0.1 --confdir [dir]
  3. puppet module - inifile
    puppet module install puppetlabs-inifile --version 2.3.0 --confdir [dir]
  4. puppet module - registry
    puppet module install puppetlabs-registry --version 2.0.2 --confdir [dir]
  5. puppet module - xml_fragment
    puppet module install ianoberst-xml_fragment --version 1.0.2 --confdir [dir]
  6. puppet module - stdlib 4.11+
    puppet module upgrade puppetlabs-stdlib --confdir [dir]
  7. Set JAVA_HOME in system environment variables.
  8. If using custom service accounts, each service account must be granted rights to logon as service or the service will fail to start.


Customization Enhancements

  • Windows service customization for app/prcs/pia domains.
  • Registry support for domain services.
  • PIA XML/Property file support for modifications.
  • Custom file support to copy files to app/prcs/pia domain folders post-installation.
  • Multiple PS_CFG_HOME Support: In the providers, the $PS_CFG_HOME environment variable is set to support multiple configuration homes
  • Support for per-software middleware reployments using custom ::*_redeploy facts
  • Support for specifying archive files (enables centralizing on DFS)
  • Better WL Status checking

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes WebLogic patch support for windows.
  • Fixes Tuxedo patch support for windows.
  • Fixes various Tuxedo install/uninstall issues.
  • Fixes various WebLogic install/uninstall issues.
  • Fixes Process Scheduler feature validation (change KIOSK to PPM)
  • Other minor cleanup/fixes.

Custom Facts


This fact can be used as-is. The fact is built to always return false by design. To override the fact, you can specify an environment variable:

PS C:\> $env:FACTER_weblogic_redeploy="true"

This will tell the DPK to redeploy the WebLogic DPK archive (uninstall, then re-install).

How to apply DPK patch

  1. Copy pt_dpk_[version].patch to /pt/dpk/puppet/production/modules/
  2. Navigate to /pt/dpk/puppet/production/modules/
  3. On Windows platform, set git config core.autocrlf input
  4. Run git apply pt_dpk_[version].patch
    For example, if applying DPK 8.56.10 patch, you would run the following command
    git apply -v pt_dpk_85610.patch
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