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JStylo-Anonymouth - Authorship Attribution and Authorship Anonymization Framework
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JSAN - The Integrated JStylo and Anonymouth Package

The Privacy, Security and Automation lab (PSAL)
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


- Authorship recognition analysis tool
- Version: 2.9.0



Version 2.9.0 was produced by a limited-duration project specifically to update the JStylo API and backend infrastructure.
Updating and testing the UI was not a part of this project. If you intend to use the JStylo desktop UI, we recommend that you use branch 2.3.0.


JStylo was released by the Privacy, Security and Automation lab at Drexel University in 2011 under the AGPLv3 license. It was ported to the BSD-3 clause license in 2013.
A copy of the current license is included with the repository/program. If for some reason it is absent, it can be viewed here:


JStylo now utilizes a Maven POM file for managing dependencies. Note that there is one additional dependency (JGAAP) which is non-mavenized. 
This dependency jar is included with each release of JStylo. Include it in your project's lib folder to allow JStylo to access its resources.


run a maven clean install either via command line or your IDE plugin. You can add the -DskipTests flag to improve the time on the build process.
NOTE: JStylo depends on JGAAP, which is not hosted on the maven central repository. Additionally, due to github's policy on large files, it cannot be included with the project.
JStylo branch 2.3.0, an older version from before this github restriction, has this dependency included. To build this version, please download "jgaap-5.2.0-lite.jar" from branch 2.3.0 and place it in /lib subdirectory of the project.

If someone mavenizes JGAAP, let us know and we'll update our pom file.


JStylo requires Java 8 or later to run properly

In windows: double-click jstylo.jar
In other platforms / to view on-the-fly log:

> java [-Xmx2048m] -jar jtylo.jar

To configure log4j, copy the log4j.xml file in src/main/resources and make the desired modifications.
Then, pass the VM the argument: -Dlog4j.configuration=file:///path/to/file/newlog4j.xml

For usage with large corpora or feature sets, it is recommended to increase the JVM heap size using the -Xmx option.


JStylo uses Log4j for logging. To get log files for any experiments you run, add the VM argument -Dlog4j.configuration=file://${/path/to/log4j.xml}
A default log4j.xml file is included in src/main/resources
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