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Electric Feed System

Electric feed system (EFS) aims to design, build, and test an electric feed system prototype using COTS parts and in-house manufacturing for the PSAS LV4 liquid fueled bi-propellant rocket engine by June 6, 2017.

EFS Requirements:

  1. Design and bench test a technology development platform for the electric pump fed system.
  2. Design and test a custom power system for EFS motor and system controls.
  3. Design for the existing LFE (target chamber pressure of 350 - 400 psi)
  4. The pump must be constructed from COTS components.
  5. Parallel work with Carbon Fiber Propellant Tank (CFPT) team to optimize vehicle integration.
  6. IPython design tool to generate pump requirements based on engine/vehicle level parameters.
  7. Harness the following documentation:
    • EFS testing, handling, and troubleshooting procedures
    • EFS Design Methodology & Design Process
    • Complete bill of materials man

Stretch Goals:

  • Integration with existing Liquid Fuelled Engine Test Stand (LFETS)
  • Completed live health monitoring and emergency shutdown provisions
  • Cold fire LN2 testing
  • Cold fire LOX testing
  • Hot fire LOX testing

Project Members

Name GitHub Username Current Role
Johnny C. Froehlich @JordParma Team Lead; Design Engineer; Analysis; Testing
James A. Luce @luceja Mechanical Design Lead; Control Systems
Johnathan Talik @jtalik Fabrication
Rawand Rasheed @rawand12 Control Systems
Jordan Roland @JSRoland Add project role
Mimi Shang @mimishang Add project role

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