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So...this has evolved to a little bit more than dotfiles over the years. At this point, this repo represents dotfiles, as well as applications and configuration.

If you think this is a little overboard...


bin/setup is used to apply all of the changes to the target system. Each change is represented by a delta (file) in lib/deltas. These delta files each implement (at least) two functions:

  • applied - Determines whether or not this delta has been applied already
  • apply - Performs the necessary steps for applying the delta

Delta scripts can also define options and validate them (see lib/deltas/ for an example).

How to Run

  • bin/setup - Ensures brew is installed (if running on OSX), and symlinks all files in ./files to ~/
  • bin/setup -a - Same as above, but also applies a bunch of other deltas (see lib/

Initial Setup

You can always, just clone the repo and run bin/setup.

You can also eval "$(curl -fsSL" on a fresh machine. This will download (not clone, git might not be installed yet) this repo to ~/dotfiles and run bin/setup (just case it's a shared system or something)

Deltas are Idempotent

When you run bin/setup, the deltas are called via bin/apply <delta> [<delta_args>]. E.g. bin/apply git -v 2.9.2.

The apply script will check if the delta has already been applied and if so, will notify the setup script that the delta has already been applied (nothing to do). Otherwise, it will call apply and if successful, will call applied to verify that the change has actually occurred.